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The jewellery we offer were created by the one and unique inventor of Skin Jewellery, Ines de Castilho - Paris. You will find here the original concept.

All the Skin Jewellery Ines de Castilho - Paris, are high end patented products and, hand made in France in chambre blanche with optimal hygienic conditions. The adhesive used is a medical adhesive, guaranty hypoallergenic and waterproof. This adhesive is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been tested in laboratory. The strass are Swarovski components. These skin jewellery are among the most appreciated in the world due to their high quality, exclusive designs and their fine cutting. The skin jewellery Ines de Castilho - Paris are sold worldwide in more than 55 countries and are worn by many stars, celebrities and renowned artists.
There is no part of body that is proscribed, however, please note that if clothes rub on the jewel or if the jewel is positioned in an articulation, it may deteriorate. In the SHOP section, you will notice that we suggest the body parts depending on each jewel, however your imagination should inspire you. One word: Dare!
The Jewellery of the Secret Gardens Collection are slightly translucent. They take partially your skin color and display a shiny effect on it, the jewels appears white translucent rather than opaque white. In our Bridal Collection, some of our jewellery contain pearls or Swarovski crystals, they will have a more marked effect of whiteness once placed on your skin rather than those with no pearls or strass. So if your intention is to have the jewel as whitest as possible, we suggest you to choose your jewellery in our Bridal Boxes with pearls or strass.
The normal recommended duration is 3 to 5 days, but might be longer depending on a few factors:

- The type of piece of jewellery worn (jewellery of the Ritz collection and the Crystal Bra are fully decorated with Swarovski crystals, they can last longer and be worn for a second time using the refill included).

- The area of the body where it is wore will influence its duration (by example, the jewellery on the hands could be less durable because of the handwash and friction).

- In what conditions it will be exposed (sand, sun, soap, cream, sweating, water, salt...)

- Friction from clothing could damage the jewel.
The skin has a basic need to breathe. It is therefore recommended to avoid letting a jewel on the skin for a long time (over a week) as an adhesive bandage, it could react on the skin after several days.
Once for all collections, except for the Ritz Collection and Crystal Bra, who fully decorated with Swarovski crystals, might be worn for a second time with the refill included.
Yes, you can take your bath and shower...They may even adhere more to your skin after a swim.
The jewellery have been tested and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are hypoallergenic. It may be normal to have a little redness when you remove your jewel which was well adhered to the skin. If this is the case, it won't last, similar to the redness of an adhesive bandage that you remove. If you wear the jewel beyond the recommended time, you must know that your skin will need to breathe and we can not guarantee the effects produced. The jewel is renamed to be very comfortable and easy to remove without pain.
It is best to purchase them directly here on our website. We distribute the Ines de Castilho Skin Jewellery Collection worldwide but the sales points are not published. Currently the jewels are available on this website via our online shop. We are still in the process of commercial development.
MJBC Collection
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Actually and for a limited time, we offer free delivery at the purchase of 2 skin jewellery, for Canada, United States and France with a service that offers to follow the parcel.
We also offer a flat fee of 6.99$ for worldwide delivery at the purchase of 1 skin jewel.
For a limited time, 2 types of shipping promotions are available:

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2- 6.99$ for worldwide delivery at the purchase of 1 skin jewel.

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