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WEDDING PROMOTION With the purchase of a Bridal Box until September 30th, 2020, get one Serafin butterfly for free.*
Our jewellery suggestions for the beauties of the day!

Fall under the spell of our Bridal Boxes Collection, specially designed to enhance the splendor and beauty of the bride and the perfect set to her opulent dress.  Whether to highlight one of the most beautiful days of your life, providing you beautiful jewellery or even to offer the perfect present to a lovely future bride, you can count on the skin jewellery of our Bridal Boxes Collection.


Jewellery for the bridesmaids

You are bridesmaid, you feel honored by this delicate attention and want to have a perfect look. You should carefully choose your skin jewellery and luckily a nice variety of styles and colors are available to you. We suggest you to opt for the jewellery of the Secret Gardens and Ritz Collections. You will find a variety of styles that you can choose based on the design of your dress, its color and style. Where should you apply your jewellery? Feel free my dear, all parts of your body are permitted, cleavage, back , wrists and shoulders are perfect while ankles and feet will bring a touch specially refined to your outfit. To choose the color, if your favorite piece of jewellery is found in our Secret Gardens Collection, preferably the silver color, gilded or black will be perfect. If you dare for a more glittering piece of jewellery in our Ritz Collection, you may also choose the black, ruby, violet/pink or emerald. The only color to avoid this day is White, being preferred for the bride...the celebrity of the day!

You will be lovely and very attractive !

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Jewellery for the flower girl

The flower girl, pretty little girl with a pure heart and innocent beauty that has been chosen to carry the flowers. Often the center of attraction for a few minutes, she will be the one who will raise a smile and tenderize hearts. Our suggestion for her is two little Serafin butterflies that can be positioned gently on her shoulder and ankle or on her little arm and wrist. She's gonna love it and you can be sure that she'll ask you another skin jewellery.

She will be so pretty and hussy!

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Jewellery for the mother of the bride

You are the mother of the bride or of the bridegroom. You are very elegant in your beautiful dress with bright and soft colors and you also want to wear jewellery enhancing your outfit, but believe you can not afford the skin jewellery? Think again and be sure that skin jewelery will bring the final touch of sophistication and will make you look terrific...the secret is to choose them well. Our suggestion to you appears quite simple. Opt for some jewellery in our Secret Gardens Collection, our Ritz or Pure Gold Collection, depending on your preference between the sobriety, the brightness of crystals or the shine of pure gold. What is so nice is that you can almost afford all, white jewellery among other things will usually be reserved for the bride. If you opt for some jewellery in our Ritz Collection, you could wear the colors purple/pink, gold, emerald and black. If you opt for the Secret Gardens jewellery Collection, you could choose from the gilded, silver or black colors while the Pure Gold Collection could be a perfect match because with skin jewellery, no need to carry several other jewellery, rings and pretty earrings are enough. If you’re in doubt, contact us, we’ll gladly send you our suggestions.

Dare to make you happy, you will be elegant and charming!

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Jewellery for the bride

You my dear, will be at the top of your beauty in this magnificent and grandiose day. You can count on your skin jewellery to enhance and emphasize your great beauty. Here are some of our suggestions. First choose your favorite skin jewellery from our Bridal Boxes, several jewellery with crystals and pearls and a few duets and that will certainly please you. Wear the skin jewellery to garnish your cleavage, your back, your arms, shoulders, ankles and feet or wear it as a finishing touch to your garter. You could also opt for our Ritz Collection which offers shining jewellery entirely decorated with Swarovski crystals or for white color jewellery in our Secret Gardens Collection. Depending on the bodice and the style of your dress, you will opt for crystals (diamond effect) or pearls and choose some more pronounced bracelets as Miss Carla or more delicate and simple such as Geisha or Havana bracelet. You can also add some skin jewellery for hands or feet as Marbella, while Scheherazade or Cleopatra would be perfect for your ankles. If you are looking for a supplement to the garter, you can opt for the jewels Love or Valentine that can garnish your thigh with sensuality. Several other jewels will also delight you, depending on the desired style. You only have to choose between your favorites and trust your instinct. The skin jewellery will blend gracefully at your dress and will make you the most georgeous bride. These jewellery are available in our Secret Gardens and Ritz Collection, preferably in white but also suggested in purple/pink, silver, gilded or Pure Gold, black is really no circumstances for that day. For those who wish to offer the most precious jewel, an ultimate pleasure of beauty to attract attention, become irresistible and especially surprise their future husband, we invite you to discover our Crystal Bra Collection and the Snow Flower model.

This white Crystal Bra is fully decorated with Swarovski crystals and will ensure eternal memories of the most unforgettables romantic nights!

You will be conquered!

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Jewellery for the honeymoon trip

After your wedding, you will be on the way to your dream destination, along with your love. For your honeymoon, you should have prepared your skin jewelleries of circumstances. Darling, you can now opt for the black color, it’s very sexy. In fact, everything is permitted and will depend on your audacity, your desires and intentions. Skin jewellery will be lovely on your skin, which is tanned or not, and will allow you to stay beautiful at all times and on all occasions. We suggest you to choose in our Secret Gardens Collection, in black, gilded or silver and also in our Pure Gold Collections and Ritz for a touch of shine. The white color has been selected for your day W, now you can opt for flamboyant colors and our jewelleries adorned with Swarovski crystals. Dare to wear skin jewellery and put your body in value.

To add a touch of magic to your romantic evenings and charm the beloved, you’ll adore the sensations provided by the skin jewellery.

Honey, you'll be irresistible!

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